Canadian ETFs Distributions Paid on 2019-08-13

Distributions have been paid for the following Canadian ETFs on 2019-08-13:

HCBHamilton Capital Canadian Bank Dynamic-Weight ETF$0.047Monthly
HFAHamilton Capital Australian Financials Yield ETF$0.0925Monthly
HEXHorizons Enhanced Income Equity ETF$0.02752Monthly
HEEHorizons Enhanced Income Energy ETF$0.03812Monthly
HEPHorizons Enhanced Income Gold Producers ETF$0.12526Monthly
HEFHorizons Enhanced Income Financials ETF$0.03928Monthly
HEJHorizons Enhanced Income International Equity ETF$0.03099Monthly
HEA.UHorizons Enhanced Income US Equity ETF (USD)$0.05018Monthly
HEAHorizons Enhanced Income US Equity ETF$0.05018Monthly
HGYHorizons Gold Yield ETF$0.01761Monthly
HNYHorizons Natural Gas Yield ETF$0.05779Monthly
HABHorizons Active Corporate Bond ETF$0.0268Monthly
HADHorizons Active Cdn Bond ETF$0.01936Monthly
HAFHorizons Active Global Fixed Income ETF$0.02036Monthly
HEMBHorizons Active Emerging Markets Bond ETF$0.03786Monthly
HFPHorizons Active Floating Rate Preferred Share ETF$0.03238Monthly
HFRHorizons Active Floating Rate Bond ETF$0.02086Monthly
HMPHorizons Active Cdn Municipal Bond ETF$0.01884Quarterly
HPRHorizons Active Preferred Share ETF$0.03301Monthly
HSLHorizons Active Floating Rate Senior Loan ETF$0.03114Monthly
HUF.UHorizons Active US Floating Rate Bond ETF (USD)$0.02353Monthly
HUFHorizons Active US Floating Rate Bond ETF$0.02353Monthly
HYIHorizons Active High Yield Bond ETF$0.04711Monthly