Canadian ETFs Distributions Paid on 2019-10-09

Distributions have been paid for the following Canadian ETFs on 2019-10-09:

HHLHarvest Healthcare Leaders Income ETF$0.0583Monthly
HHL.UHarvest Healthcare Leaders Income ETF (USD)$0.0583Monthly
HBFHarvest Brand Leaders Plus Income ETF$0.0542Monthly
HBF.UHarvest Brand Leaders Plus Income ETF (USD)$0.0542Monthly
HPFHarvest Energy Leaders Plus Income ETF$0.03Monthly
HPF.UHarvest Energy Leaders Plus Income ETF (USD)$0.03Monthly
HTAHarvest Tech Achievers Growth & Income ETF$0.0583Monthly
HTA.UHarvest Tech Achievers Growth & Income ETF (USD)$0.0583Monthly
HGRHarvest Global REIT Leaders Income ETF$0.0458Monthly
HUBLHarvest US Bank Leaders Income ETF$0.0833Monthly
HUBL.UHarvest US Bank Leaders Income ETF (USD)$0.0833Monthly
HUTLHarvest Equal Weight Global Utilities Income ETF$0.1166Monthly
HULHarvest US Equity Plus Income ETF$0.1Quarterly
HUL.UHarvest US Equity Plus Income ETF (USD)$0.1Quarterly
HRESHarvest Global Resource Leaders ETF$0.2Quarterly
ICPBIA Clarington Core Plus Bond Fund ETF$0.02371Monthly
IGLBIA Clarington Global Bond Fund ETF$0.0Monthly
IEMBIA Clarington Emerging Markets Bond Fund$0.05876Monthly
MGBMackenzie Core Plus Global Fixed Income ETF$0.02496Monthly
MUBMackenzie Unconstrained Bond ETF$0.06915Monthly
MFTMackenzie Floating Rate Income ETF$0.12127Monthly
MKBMackenzie Core Plus Canadian Fixed Income ETF$0.03325Monthly
MHYBMackenzie Global High Yield Fixed Income ETF$0.08172Monthly
MCSBMackenzie Canadian Short Term Fixed Income ETF$0.02499Monthly
QBBMackenzie Canadian Aggregate Bond Index ETF$0.21713Monthly
QSBMackenzie Canadian Short-Term Bond Index ETF$0.16576Monthly
QCBMackenzie Canadian All Corporate Bond Index ETF$0.27492Monthly
QTIPMackenzie US TIPS Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)$0.27061Monthly
QUIGMackenzie US Investment Grade Corporate Bond Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)$0.26982Monthly
QHYMackenzie US High Yield Bond Index ETF (CAD-Hedged)$0.48049Monthly